Elegance is not a detail, it blossoms from a harmony of the parts and envelops the gaze in a play on pure aesthetic seduction.
The excellence of our work helps make the style of the collections we are involved in unique and extraordinary. Haute couture is our passion that comes to life.

  • Pattern design

    Starting from the designers’ sketch, the outstanding creativity of our team of pattern designers can create cotton samples and patterns. We can participate in prototype fittings in close collaboration with designers, for the adjustment and flawless defining of the sample and to assure the required features and make the garment unique.

  • Prototyping and sample collections

    Thanks to the skill of our seamstresses, we make the first sample garment – the prototype – in our in-house tailoring department. Our pattern making consultancy follows the path from sample creation to defect elimination, development and marker making of the garment, when required. We perfect the garment tailoring processes and can plan and prepare the subsequent industrialisation of the sample by means of bills of materials.

  • Size development

    After the control and defect elimination of the garment in the post-presentation stage, the designers will engage in computerised development using CAD systems, for the marker making of the garment and size development, optimising the production procedures.

  • Made-to-measure

    Our thirty year experience in made-to-measure tailoring techniques is what distinguishes our atelier. We design individual garments and can modify any garment to the specific needs of VIP clients. We can provide a brand customisation, support and assistance service for special clients, even abroad.